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Real Results
Over 100 leads in 3 weeks & 2 days. 1 closed transaction that led to 9 total transactions! The RRM follow up systems helped Ken nurture his leads so he could jump at the right time to convert more deals. Clients actually want to talk to him, he no longer needs to bug people and closes more deals. We helped improve his LIFE!
Ian got over 400 leads in 2 months. Now he recruits new agents, feeds them HOT leads, keeps them happier than ever before, and everyone is making more commissions! We implemented our RRM Elite Program that is on auto-pilot. 
Allan went from skeptic to one of our best fans! We taught him the RRM method to convert Facebook leads once he gets the lead on a call. Now he's built a brand new Team to do all his sales. Over 100 leads in his database, connected with over 60% of the leads and 24 conversion.
The Good Life Team is one of the top teams in Texas. We helped them drive traffic to their new developments using our ad copy and designs. 
The #1 Team in Maryland & #2 Team in the entire USA came to us to create their ads. As a direct result of our campaigns, we helped them with buyers, sellers, and listing campaigns which led to a lot more sales to their team!
Ted is a fan fav of our team! We helped him create a strategy to convert more visitors into new leads, create more engagement for his clients, which has helped him increase sales and take his business to a whole new level. Our ongoing improvements consistently help him grow his business in a digital world that constantly changes.
From running Facebook campaigns that failed to hiring the Real Estate Rainmakers and seeing a wildfire of leads and success! We showed Allan how to run successful campaigns, implement follow-up systems that warm up leads, and to get out of his own way with a script that helps close deals.
Daron Campbell has over $4 BILLION in transactions. Just watch the video!

"If you want your inbox to be blowing up... contact my man Rahul (and Cody)!  

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